A private service offering psychotherapy and counselling in The Greater Toronto Area.

Psychotherapy trains individuals to master their skills in well-being. With practice, one begins to see, on an experiential level, how a focus/investment on self leads to healthy relationships; and the futility in trying to manage their external environment.

Working with Cydney means you will have an open counselling space to feel seen, heard, and valued. Clients who are ready and interested in understanding their experience truthfully, are welcome to reach out.

Common goals include: mindfulness, and healing depression, anxiety, and various forms of trauma.

Common goals include: mindfulness, self-discovery, emotional self-regulation, expanding awareness, cultivating acceptance, and healing depression, anxiety, and various forms of trauma.

In-person and virtual sessions are available across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) —Toronto, North York, York Region, Scarborough, Etobicoke, and surrounding municipalities.

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The most important part of therapy is choosing a therapist that feels right for you.

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